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Responsible Gaming

Play in online games with enjoyment!

For most people, online games are a wonderful way to have an interesting time. However, for some players, they can become a cause of problems. At the same time, most of our clients never encounter such problems. Nonetheless, a conscious approach to gambling is important not only for those who have already faced addiction or are at risk. We believe that such an approach is necessary for every player.

On our platforms, we strive to create a safe environment for gaming. Therefore, we only recommend those gaming services that offer reliable gambling games and provide useful information and advice to players who have difficulties controlling their passion.

Licensed services that we recommend offer various tools for preventing addiction:

  • Keep track of how long you spend playing, and take breaks. This will help you control the time spent on games.
  • Set deposit limits. This will allow you to control your spending on games, and if desired, change or remove these limits.
  • Monitor your gaming activity. This will give you the opportunity to review all your transactions, deposits, and withdrawals.
  • Take conscious breaks from gaming. You can set pauses of different durations, from one day to several weeks.
  • Self-exclusion. You can restrict your access to gaming for a period from six months to five years.
  • The automatic control feature allows you to set restrictions on bets and losses, as well as pause the game if you win a jackpot to protect your winnings.

How to determine if you have a tendency towards gambling addiction?

To understand if you have stepped over the threshold of being fascinated with gambling, answer a few questions:

  • Do you spend more time on gambling than planned, forgetting about work and everyday tasks?
  • Do you constantly try to raise stakes to maintain the thrill?
  • Do you feel irritation or dissatisfaction when trying to reduce the time spent on games?
  • Do you feel a need to play games to distract from problems or stress?
  • Have you faced difficulties in trying to reduce the time spent on games, or to quit gaming entirely?
  • Have you lied to loved ones about how much time or money you spend on games?
  • Have you neglected significant matters or meetings because of gaming?
  • Have you felt guilt or shame after gaming sessions?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the items, it may indicate a problem. It’s important to acknowledge and take steps to regain control over the situation.

What to do if you notice a tendency towards gambling addiction?

Acknowledging the problem is the first step towards its solution.

Become honest with yourself and, if necessary, seek professional help. Here are a few tips that will help you control your behavior:

  • Talk about the situation with family or friends whom you trust.
  • Set clear limits on the time and money you can spend on gaming.
  • Find alternative hobbies or activities that will help distract from thoughts about gaming.
  • Use self-exclusion or blocking tools on gaming resources.

If you feel that the situation is becoming uncontrollable, do not hesitate to seek help from specialists in addiction treatment.

Remember, you are not alone, and there are many resources and communities ready to offer support. Adopting a reasonable attitude towards gaming is the key to a pleasant and joyful pastime.